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The Yummy Mummy Club

Welcome to the The Yummy Mummy Club!

Together at The Yummy Mummy Club we exist to help and support busy mothers who want to get into shape, feel more energised, stronger and more focused than ever before. We help mothers achieve this through our unique ‘Makeover’. A straight-forward and effective plan specifically tailored for mums of all ages to lose the weight they may have gained during pregnancy, or that has crept up on them while they were busy living life and nurturing their gorgeous kids.

But, it’s not simply about getting back into a bikini (although you may want to flaunt your gorgeous body after you are done with the program!) We are about a holistic lifestyle change that easily slides into your busy schedule, incorporates your whole family, and doesn’t cost the earth. And most importantly, leaves you feeling Strong, Sexy and like a true Yummy Mummy!

Here at The Yummy Mummy Club you can choose the membership that best suits you. You can join our Online Membership or our In Club Membership. Watch the videos below to find out a little bit more about each of our Yummy Mummy memberships!

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Inspiring Stories

Get inspired by other mothers who have joined The Yummy Mummy Club. While dropping weight and getting fit, our mummies create balance and reignite their passion life. Check out some of our success stories or visit or Inspirations page for more stories.

As I had recently moved into the area, I felt isolated.  I have an ongoing back injury and had slowly been putting weight on over time. I joined the Yummy Mummy Club to meet new people in the area, to start to take my life… Read full testimonial…

TYMC Testimonial from Caitlin

I joined the Yummy Mummy Club (Y.M.C) thinking I would strengthen my core, and loose a little weight. But I got so much more out of it. I have not only lost just shy of 15kg within 3 months, and feel like my core is… Read full testimonial…

TYMC Testimonial from Kate

It’s funny, when something clicks it clicks. For the first time in I don’t know how long I have been able to commit and stay committed to something. The Yummy Mummy Club offers a diverse exercise and nutrition program that allows me to attend when my… Read full testimonial…

Apparently, spring has blossomed the poet in me, so here comes another ditty on tymc!☺ The Yummy Mummy Club Is the place where your shoulders rub With a group of strong like-minded mothers Where the focus is “you”, with no other care or bother It’s… Read full testimonial…

I have so much fun keeping fit with an amazing group of women at TYMC. I have never felt better and would recommend Tracey and TYMC to everyone. Club: Heidelberg & Viewbank  Read full testimonial…

Before having my child I used to visit the gym between 4-6 times a week. After having my son I found it a lot harder to get there for various reasons. One of the main issues for me was fitting in a work out around… Read full testimonial…

Training has made me a happier, nicer mummy! Ebonnie has kept me on track and accountable for the last 8 months. She encourages me, gives me feedback and genuinely cares about me and my results. The difference in my life is amazing, I feel stronger,… Read full testimonial…

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