Basics of Diabetes

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a serious condition which can affect our entire bodies. If complications arise as a result of diabetes, it can have a significant impact on our lives, including reducing our life expectancy. Although there is no cure for diabetes once we have it, it can be prevented but if you happen to develop it, you can learn to live with it.

There are different types of diabetes:
type 1,
type 2 &
gestational diabetes.

How does diabetes affect the body?
If we develop diabetes, our ability to maintain and regulate our blood glucose levels becomes affected. Unregulated glucose levels can lead to unhealthy blood glucose levels in our bodies, which can cause a number of short and long term health complications.
When we consume sugar and/or carbohydrates our bodies break it down into glucose, for energy. We need the hormone insulin for this conversion. Those with diabetes are not able to produce enough insulin or the body does not respond appropriately to the insulin, which results in the glucose staying in our blood, as opposed to being converted to energy. The result is high blood glucose levels.

Some symptoms:
Increased thirst
Increased need to urinate
Feeling tired
Increased hunger
Affected vision &
Unexplained change to weight

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss.
Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.

Tammy Kacev
Nutrition Expert

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