Becoming Emotionally Ready To Return To Work

Becoming Emotionally Ready to Return to Work.

Your maternity leave end date signals the end of your “Fourth Trimester”. If you’re not emotionally ready to return to work, read on for some simple ways to prepare yourself for the next phase of being a mummy.

Way #1: Be kind to yourself

It’s really easy to beat ourselves up when things go wrong.  To blame ourselves for not having the time, the foresight, or the dedication, to do whatever it is we think we should be doing.

We each have our own lives to lead and some of us cannot afford to be stay-at-home mums. even if we want to be. Providing for your child is a necessity. Be kind to yourself as you take the big step to return to work. You are putting food in your child’s mouth, clothing on their back and giving them life experiences. Well done you.

Way #2: Enjoy the small moments

If you are feeling anxious about returning to work because the idea of “missing out” on your baby’s milestones is overwhelming. Then take time out to enjoy the small moments with your baby. Share your anxieties with your partner and ask them to help out with running your home so that you can spend more time doing things you love with your little one.

Remember this: your child has many developmental milestones. The majority of those milestones are not a single moment in time ether. Like their first tooth break through over days and they will say mmmm… for weeks before they say mum – you are not going to miss any of them.

Way #3: Get organised

Spend some time envisioning your new routine, so you can get organised ahead of time.

Lists and calendars are great. Create many and make sure you consider who, where, what and when. That way you will be prepared for that first morning. Whatever can be done the night before should get done. This will help ensure a smooth morning when it comes to getting ready to leave the house.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking forward to returning to work or not, getting emotionally ready is important. Surround yourself with loved ones who support your decision. Remember that you are doing all you can to provide the best for your little one. You are a lioness!