Benefits of Eating Dairy

No-one has to tell me twice to eat my dairy… it is my favourite food group. However for those who need a little more convincing, I am going to discuss with you the amazing health benefits consuming dairy can have.

We all know that dairy foods are great for our bone health. But dairy foods offer many more benefits. Foods found in the dairy food group; which includes, yoghurt and cheese, provide the following nutrients:
vitamin D
potassium &
of course calcium.

Most of us know the benefits of calcium. Calcium promotes strong bones. Diets that recommended the right amount of calcium can improve our overall bone mass.

We mostly have to rely on the sun for our vitamin D exposure, but there are some foods that offer sufficient vitamin D. We need vitamin D to help regulate our calcium levels. Vitamin D therefore helps to build and maintain bones Vitamin D can be found in vitamin-D fortified foods such as fortified yoghurts and cereals.

A benefit of eating a diet with sufficient in dairy is that such a diet can be rich in potassium. Potassium may help maintain and regulate our blood pressure.

Two health benefits of a dairy rich diet:
1. The consumption of a high dairy diet is linked to improved bone health. It is believed that consuming enough dairy may reduce the risk of or the severity of getting osteoporosis.

2. Dairy foods are usually high in protein. A balanced diet with adequate protein can therefore help us lose weight and then manage a healthy weight.

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