The Benefits of Protein Pre-WorkOut

Most of us try to consume protein after our training sessions, whether it is in the form of a shake, or can of tuna, we do so because we believe it to be an effective strategy for increasing muscle recovery and muscle building. And it is true. Consuming protein post workout is necessary to maximise our results.

Proper post-workout nutrition is important as it stimulates tissue growth and repair which leads to muscle growth. By consuming protein after our workouts, we are supplying our muscles with the essential amino acids needed for muscle repair and growth. The sooner we can consume protein post workout, the faster we will get results. It is believed that we consuming protein within a two-hour window post-workout is most ideal.
Did you know that consuming protein prior to our gym sessions can also be beneficial. When we exercise there is a loss of muscle protein; protein synthesis decreases and protein breakdown is elevated, so by having an increased amount of amino acids (from ingestion of protein) before we exercise, we can counter the overall loss of muscle protein.

Consuming protein before exercise has a greater increase on overall muscle protein synthesis compared to the consumption of protein post exercise. When we consume protein before we exercise, it is the increased delivery of amino acids* to our muscles, that enhances post-exercise muscle building.

We still believe that post workout nutrition is essential, but we also believe consuming protein prior to hitting the gym, can also be beneficial. If you are going to consider having your post-workout protein prior to your exercise session, make sure you have within 30 minutes prior to starting your session. Making this minor change to your supplement regime maximise the effectiveness of your training and optimise your recovery and your results!
*Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. When you consume protein, it is broken down in the gut to its amino acid.

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