Busting Diet Myths

Now I don’t know about you, but I get confused when I think about which diet is best for me. Do you feel you feel the same?! We are constantly being told to what to do, particularly when it comes to dieting. Behind some of the most ridiculous diet myths, there’s always a kernel of truth. It’s time to bust the Diet Myths

Myth No. 1: Eating after 8 o’clock will make you gain weight
Here is the reality, calories cannot tell the time. Our bodies digest and burn calories exactly same way in the morning, versus noon, and at night. The rate at which this happens may be different at these different times. With that being said, you still need to consider what you eat and how much you eat overall. We want to still avoid late-night snacking of unhealthy foods; the ones that we tend to grab when we are tired.
Myth No. 2: Eating small & frequent meals will boost your metabolism
The theory is that eating small amounts regularly will burn more calories overall. But the reality is that although some foods such as those with caffeine, may slightly increase metabolism, food intake has a small effect on metabolism. What most affects our basal metabolic rate (BMR), is body composition. The more lean muscle we have, we will generally burn more calories overall.
Myth No. 3: If you workout you can eat whatever you want.
This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Our diets should be considered when we plan on getting into, and staying in shape. Tracking calories in is just as important as tracking our exercise. Most of us assume that since we are working out, we are burning the amount of, or more, calories that is needed to create that deficit that creates weight loss. When wanting to lose weight, our diets should consist of more vegetables, lean proteins, and less processed and sugary foods.
Remember this, if something sounds ridiculous, it most likely is, and most likely will not work!