Clean Eating

We have all heard the term ‘clean eating’ but for most of us, we are not 100% sure what clean eating really means or how to go it. Simply it is about eating more healthy foods from all five food groups and eating less unhealthy foods. So what does this mean? Well ‘clean eating’ is about embracing fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, good fats, protein and dairy and consuming less refined and processed foods. Making small changes with one change at a time, can improve your health immediately and will get you one step closer to your clean eating diet and lifestyle.

Here are our top four tips to help you get started with clean eating:

1. Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables
For the most part, we are not consuming enough whole fruits and vegetables. In fact, only about 10% of us are eating the recommended vegetable intake per day, every day. Fruits and vegetables offer many health benefits due to their high density of nutrients; vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fruits and vegetables can improve our gut health, improve our immune systems and reduce risk of many chronic disease.

2. Eat more Whole Grains
When referring to healthy wholegrain foods I am referring to those that are unprocessed. My favourite whole grains which I recommend include oats and quinoa. Whole grain foods are high in fibre; which help keep us feeling fuller for longer – a bonus for weight loss, as well as being great for our gut health and digestive system.

3. Consume less Red Meat
For all those meat lovers, I know this may be one recommendation you would rather not hear, but eating less red meat offers many benefits, for us and our planet. I am not suggesting you have to become a began or vegetarian but by eating less red meat you can reduce your risk and/or severity of some diseases, mainly heart disease. When we consume less meat, we usually end up eating. When you do consume red meat, we want to make sure they are not processed cuts.

Clean eating means there are no fad diets needed. Instead of calorie counting or restricting your diet, rather, the idea of clean eating is to focus on eating more whole foods, or less processed or refined.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.

Tammy Kacev
Nutrition Expert

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