Easy Weight Loss Tips

We live in a world that is obsessed with diet, nutrition and weight loss, and it feels like we can’t keep up with all the new trends surrounding dietary advice and how to lose weight. There always seems to be a new fad diet or diet myth, and just like our changing technology, we can all struggle to keep up.

There is no, one diet that is suitable for every single person. Most diets have a ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ list. Every diet will focus on a particular food group pr exclude another. But just because a specific diet plan may seem like the most popular trend to follow, it may not be the right diet for you.

So forget the FAD diets. Here are some of my weight loss tips that are guaranteed to kick start weight loss goals:

Exercise outdoors

With the warmer weather already here, exercising outdoors can be more enjoyable than being stuck with the same routine you have had all winter long. When we enjoy the exercise we are doing, and change it up, we are more likely keep it up. So, why not try going for a beach walk with your best friend, or trying a beach yoga class?, and with the warmer weather comes other benefits such as more Vitamin D exposure, so change it up a little, and take it outdoors.


Eat more veggies and drink more water

Most diets focus on restricting one food or another. When we cut or restrict a food from our diets, this can have a negative affect us. However, if you are told you can have more of something, immediately you are interested right? Focus on eating and drinking more of the good stuff; drinking more water and eating more of your favourite vegetables! When we are properly hydrated we have more energy, and feel better.


Moderation, not deprivation

Understanding how to avoid deprivation and eat in moderation is really important. Depraving food groups will leave a physical and emotional toll on us, and can actually hinder your weight loss journey. Deprivation leads to cravings, which cause binges and overeating. Eating in moderation will keep us from overeating.

When it comes to weight loss there is no one diet, or exercise routine that will work for everyone, every time, because we are all different. Try these tips and let us know how you go .


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