Exercise Tips for the Holidays

It can be hard enough to exercise throughout the rest of the year, but when it comes to the holiday season, finding time to exercise becomes less of a priority, as the rest of our to-do lists grow longer and longer. So we have some tips to help you stay active during the holidays:

1. Plan ahead

As mums we plan ahead everything, from school lunches to play dates. Planning ahead is something we as mums are pretty good at, and we know that planning ahead can make all the difference. Here are some suggestions to plan ahead:
• If you are going away for the holidays, call up and enquire if there is a gym on site.
• When planning your holiday activities schedule in walks, and visits to the parks and bike rides. The kids will love to get outdoors.

2. Get a holiday exercise buddy

We all know that if we go to the gym with a friend, we are more likely to turn up. Exercising during holiday season is no different, get your partners and friends on board.

3. Make exercise a priority

Add exercise to your to do list, and the most gratifying feeling is to check tasks off that list…right? So make exercise part of that list, and put it towards the top of the list.

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