Five Simple Tips For People Who Don’t Like Cleaning

  1. housework-is-done-268x3001. Set a Timer. Cleaning is a seemingly never-ending task. Once you’ve hung out a load of washing, there are dishes to be done, toilets to scrub, and floors to sweep. Once you have done all of  that, it’s time to cook dinner, wash the dishes, and it starts all over again. It never seems to end! The best way to tackle this is to set a timed-cleaning goal. Set a timer, and clean as hard as you can until the timer goes off. This strategy will help keep you on task, and forces you to clean for a consistent amount of time, while allowing you to see how much you can get done in a limited amount of time.
  2. 2. Have a Dance Party. Speaking of upbeat music playlists, the best– if not the most cliche– way to inject some fun into your chores is to dance while you do them. Shake your booty while you dust the bookshelves. Practice your belly dancing while you unload the dishwasher. Be Tom Cruise from “Risky Business” while you fold the laundry. Bonus: you’ll burn extra calories!
  3. 3. Break your Cleaning up into Smaller Jobs (very, very small jobs). I always thought this advice was ostensibly pointless and silly, until I tried it myself, and realised it really works! Basically, you just turn your regular To-Do list into an incredibly specific and detailed task list. For instance, instead of just writing: “Clean Living Room,” my To-Do list might include: “Clear coffee table, wipe down coffee table, dust bookshelf 1, dust bookshelf 2, dust TV, sweep floor, put away DVDs, fold blankets.”  At first, it may seem ridiculous and overwhelming, but it actually demystifies the cleaning process, and trust me: once you start crossing off little jobs left, right and centre, you’ll feel super-productive and motivated.
  4. 4. Multitask. The good thing about cleaning is that most cleaning tasks don’t require your complete concentration. This means you can clean while you chat with your best friend on the phone, watch a favorite episode of “Seinfeld,” listen to a book on tape, or practice conjugating your French verbs. Essentially, cleaning sucks because it’s boring. Anything that makes it less boring is a good thing!
  5. 5. Reward Yourself. If cleaning is an unpleasant task for you, make it worth your while by rewarding yourself with a relaxing bath and a glass of wine afterwards. Or set a monthly cleaning goal, and treat yourself to a pedicure or a new pair of earrings when you reach it. A luxurious treat, plus the satisfaction of a clean home, will have you reaching for the vacuum in no time!


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