Food Myths Busted

Everywhere we look, we are given new diet advice; from magazines to television adverts. There seems to be no escaping. It is hard to know which advice is right and which advice is a load of nonsense, so we have busted two myths to help you:

Don’t Eat After 8 p.m.

This statement rests on the idea that we burn more calories in the morning. But here is the reality. Calories cannot tell the time. For some of us we do burn more calories in the morning, but others burn more at night. Our bodies digests and uses calories the same way morning, noon, and night, the rate at which calories of burnt though is affected by exercise and other factors.

Eating Frequently Boosts Your Metabolism

We are told that every time we eat, we increase our metabolism, so it makes says to want to eat often and frequently. While this may have truth, the reality is that food intake rather has a
negligible effect on our metabolic rate. That is, some foods help increase our metabolism, while others don’t. If you are wanting to increase your metabolism, there are other factors to consider such as BMR, muscle mass, body composition and body size.

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