Food Shopping Tips With Your Kids

Even just the thought of taking your littles one grocery shopping with you can make you feel uneasy! It happens all the time, there are tantrums and meltdowns, spilled food everywhere, and its when the little ones feel the need to go exploring. On top of all that, you there is judgement and sturdy stairs from other shoppers!

But sometimes, there is no other option but to bring them with you.
Here at The Yummy Mummy Club, we believe shopping with your little ones doesn’t have to tricky. It can be a time to bond with them. It can be a learning experience for them too.

Here are some of our tips to help you survive a trip at the supermarket with your little ones:
Get the little ones involved. Right from the menu planning at home, get your kids involved, letting them choose a meal , or parts of the meals for the week. You can then get them to help write out the shopping list, with the foods and ingredients. Get them to then help you look for all the ingredients, and then of course, get them in the kitchen to help you cook.

We know, if we go shopping hungry, we tend to buy foods we do not need, so make sure your kids have eaten before they join you at the supermarket. This will help keep your little ones happy, as well as stop them from wanting to eat everything they see on the shelves.

Take advantage of the free fruit some of our supermarkets are giving to our kids. Of course, give them the option of what fruit they want to nibble on while you shop. 4. If your kids are old enough, give them a budget they can spend, nothing more, on something they want to pick. This can help them compare prices and spend only within their budget.

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