Meet Melton’s Trainer Robin

Hello! My name is Robin,

My goal is to help each individual her time while working to achieve her personal fitness goals. I am a huge proponent of safe, efficient and functional movement. I emphasise proper form with all my clients as it is absolutely essential in preventing injuries and getting maximum benefit.

My role is to help improve my client’s quality of life by being a teach, mentor, motivator and a great communicator. Each client is different and it is all about my clients goals and how I can help them achieve those goals. Read more

It’s never too late to improve your health. I enjoy helping people of all fitness levels become the best versions of themselves by creating a fun environment where you are challenged and feel accomplished after every workout.

So who am I? I first waked into a gym when I was about 27 and  completing my law degree and knew nothing of weights, workouts, calories and macros! I hid on the treadmill for a good long time before a great Personal Trainer got me to put my ‘big girls panties’ on and tackle challenging workouts with viguor and enthusiasm.

I competed in my first IFBB bodybuilding competition in the fitness category at the tender age of 24 and placed fourth in my first competition. I competed for four for years of competitions and placed in all of them.

I then decided to hang up my bikini and try my hand at powerlifting – I joined the RAW federation and won the overall lifter in my first competition. I then went on to get two South African records and one international record and was chosen to represent South Africa in 2012 World championship in Las Vegas USA- of which I still hold the Bench Press Record for 2012.

I am a certified Nutritional Therapist from Health Sciences Acaemy in the UK and I specialise in Weight Loss, Strength Training, Pre and Post Natal Training and Training for Kids, Metafit and Metafit PWR, Punchfit and Pilates. And when I find a bit of extra time I coach squad gymnastics.

I am at present studying Nutritional Medicine.

My door is always open and I am always available on my mobile – if I am giving a class please leave a, message or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to join me at the TYMC Melton Club? YES 🙂

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