Meet Weston Creek’s Trainer Kristen

My name is Kristen Franklin. I have 2 wonderful kids ages 3 and 10 months, and love spending time with them. Over my short time of being a Mum, I have found that I am better with them if I’m happy and healthy.

I have two University degrees, one in Chemistry, the other in Secondary Teaching.  I have a passion for teaching, but was finding my time was spreading too thinly. I got into Personal Training and Group Training after reassessing what was most important in my life. My passion for teaching is easily translated to fitness instructing. I enjoy watching a client find their rhythm and pace while pushing their boundaries.
I love Yoga and Pilates style workouts, as well as Bootcamp and HIIT. I am trained in Body Balance, and soon to be trained as a Pilates Instructor.

Want to join me at the TYMC Weston Creek Club? YES 🙂