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We help mothers become Yummy Mummy’s though our unique ‘Makeover’. A straight-forward and effective online program specifically tailored for mums of all ages to lose the weight they may have gained during pregnancy or that has crept up on them while they were busy living life and nurturing their gorgeous kids.

But, it’s not simply about getting back into a bikini (although you may want to flaunt your gorgeous body after you are done with the program!) We are about a holistic lifestyle change that easily slides into your busy schedule, incorporates your whole family, and doesn’t cost the earth. And most importantly, leaves you feeling Strong, Sexy and like a true Yummy Mummy!

Each week online you will unlock your next weekly makeover plan so you can continue on your Yummy Mummy 10 week makeover!!

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Makeover Online Payment Plan

One payment of $11 and then $11 per Week for 9 more Weeks.

Makeover Online is an online program specifically tailored for mums of all ages to lose the weight over 10 Weeks.



Each week of your makeover you get a selection of Mindset Tools that will help shape your thoughts throughout your journey of becoming a Yummy Mummy.

TYMC Video Coaching

Video Coaching
Tracey Robson-Garth coaches you through the Makeover by setting the focus each week for you in a video.

TYMC Journaling

Through weekly journalling you document your thoughts and experiences to uncover your strengths & weaknesses so you can make better decisions & find self-fulfilment. Journalling is delivered to you through editable PDF’s.

TYMC Meditation

Stream our weekly guided meditation tracks to relax, unwind and unlock your subconscious mind to create the Yummy Mummy within you.

Nutrition & Exercise

Each week you will be dished up effective nutrition and exercise plans that will get you feeling fit, healthy and strong.

TYMC Meal Plans & Recipes

Meal Plans & Recipes
Weekly low carb meal plans that fit into a busy family life. Access to a library of nutritious low carb recipes

TYMC Workouts & Exercise

Workouts & Exercises
Fun, quick workouts that can be done at home Detailed instructions on how to do each exercise

TYMC Weight Loss Tracker

Health Dashboard
Stay accountable and on track with your health goals throughout your entire journey of the makeover with your personal health dashboard. This includes tracking of weight, workouts, steps and body shape measurements.


When you join the club you become a member and get access to our exclusive online members lounge.

TYMC Events & Specials

Events & Specials
Be the first to get invited to special Yummy Mummy events

TYMC Forum

Chat with like minded mums in our members only forum.

TYMC Social Media

Social Media
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus

Inspiring Stories

Get inspired by other mothers who have joined The Yummy Mummy Club. While dropping weight and getting fit, our mummies create balance and reignite their passion life. Check out some of our success stories or visit or Inspirations page for more stories.

Testimonials - Caitlin

I joined the Yummy Mummy Club thinking I would strengthen my core, and loose a little weight. But I got so much more out of it!
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Testimonial - Kate Hughes

The Yummy Mummy Club offers a diverse exercise and nutrition program that allows me to attend when my husband is home to look after our baby.
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