Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood

Although we may feel great most of the time, it is quite common to feel low every now and then. We have some tips to help.

Tips to Boost Your Mood

1. Social interaction can be just as effective as some therapies and medications, when it comes to boosting your mood. One hour a week in a social environment could be enough, to help improve your mood. How? Well social interaction usually helps boost our self-esteem and therefore our confidence, making us feel better about ourselves, resulting in better moods

2. Drinking caffeinated tea and coffee, on a regular basis can help boost your mood. Consuming caffeine regularly, but moderately, boosts our mood. Infact, some studies suggest consuming regular, but moderate amounts of caffeine can lower depression by almost 50%. So whether you get depression, or even if you do not have depression, but are still feeling a little low, go get yourself a hot cup of tea or barista coffee.

3.Eat more mood boosting foods. Food does so much more for us than we may realise.Of course, food gives us energy and essential nutrients, which we need for bodily growth and functioning. Some foods are naturally high in serotonin, a chemical that is known to improve our moods.

  • Foods high in serotonin include:
    a range of nuts such as walnuts
    some fruits such as bananas &
    some vegetables such as sweet potatoes

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