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tammyI have always had a love for nutrition and exercise. But it was after my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer, that I was inspired to take my passions one step further; and make them part of my daily life. Not only did I
want to become a healthier person myself, but I wanted to influence others in a positive way too, and so I took my passion for nutrition and health, and studied Psychology and Nutrition to become a nutritionist. I have since taken my passion of exercise and fitness, and became a group fitness instructor as well. I am now registered with the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA), and am a certified group fitness instructor.

At The Yummy Mummy Club team, our aim is to help and support busy mums who want to get into shape, feel more energised, stronger and more focused than ever before, while looking after and inspiring their family.

I believe a healthy life starts from way before we are even conceived. Just like unhealthy habits can affect our unborn kids, so can the benefits of good nutrition. Giving your child a healthy nutritional start will impact every aspect of their lives; including their mental, physical and social development. But it doesn’t end there. Once your kid is born, you need to continue being a positive role for model for them. It is really important to
model the behaviours you are preaching, in your daily actions. So if you want your kids to eat their vegetables, you have to eat them too!

We help support you support your family’s nutrition and wellbeing through our unique, straight-forward and effective plan, focussing on a low-carb lifestyle!

I would love to support you and your family through your health and wellbeing journey.

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