Parenting and How It Has Changed Over The Years

So much of how we parent is shaped by how we were parented when we were kids. There are things we do as parents today that are the same way our parents did things, because we see them as correct, or wise, or because it is the only way we know how. On the other hand, there are things that we deliberately do differently we think our parents messed up in, or because there has been an advancement in science and technology. But either way, the parenting we received from our parents is what we know best, which is the departure point from which all our own parenting journeys begin.
It is definitely fair to say that the role of a parenting has changed, and so too has the relationship between parents and children profoundly been changed. For starters, the decision about whether or not to even want to have children is now voluntary and choosing to not have children is no longer stigmatised negatively. Or having kids outside of wed lock or as a single parent is no frowned upon.

  1. In today’s society, the way we parent is very different to the way our grandparents raised our parents. We are constantly being bombarded with conflicting advice how to be a parent. Should we breastfeed or bottle feed? Should our babies be put in a crib for sleeping or should we be co-sleeping with our newborns? Should we be strict or lenient with our kids? The list goes on…As a parent today, we receive conflicting messages about what to prioritise and what to punish.
    The world that we live in today is, is very different to when our parents were kids? There has been dramatic changes over the last 20 years, there is no questioning how the role of parenting has changed. Here are Some Ways Motherhood Has Changed Over Time
    More moms work outside the home
    Same-sex parenting is now normalised
    There are more dads staying at home
    Being a single mum is more common than ever before
    Having kids before marriage is no-longer frowned upon
    Deciding not to have kids is more acceptable
    We have access to tons of parenting resources
    We have access to healthcare advances such as vaccinations, antibiotics, etc.
    As mothers in the 21st century, we drive ourselves to the brink of insanity with the lengths we will go to for our kids, and although we do everything that we can, it still never feels like we are doing enough. Although we have wonderful healthcare and technology advancements, and access to more help than ever before, as mums we still feel tremendous guilt if we are doing the best we can. There’s an expectation for us as mothers to know everything, with more pressure than ever before to be the best mum!
    Each of us has our own personality, temperament, and parenting styles. And, the truth is, we may not get everything right, but rather than focus on a rigid view of parenting, and strive for what unrealistic expectations, as parents we should be modifying these expectations and adapting to the changing needs our growing children and our surrounding enviroments.

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