School Holiday Activites

Kids love the school holidays…it’s a break from early mornings, unifroms, and homework. But for us mum’s, sometimes it can be more stressful. We have pressure to make the holidays enjoyable, with hundreds of planned activities. If all goes to plan, than usually school holidays are a success. At the yummy mummy club we love school holidays! We love having a reduced schedule to follow, with less running around and of course, we love spending more time with our kids.

To make sure that you get the best out of the school holidays, we suggestion a bit of preparation before hand. In-case of a rainy day we have some tips to help you be a little more organised around the house. There are three things we recommend you stock up on:

Stock up on baking supplies:
1. All kids love to bake, and it is an activity that can include everyone. During the school holidays there are always more people coming in and out of the house, with play dates and coffee catch-ups. Having an extra tray of cookies will be handy. By baking with your kids, you can educate them on healthier baking options too, and you can get their creativity going.

2. Stock up on snacks:
Before the school holidays you can sit down with your kids and ask them what sort of foods they would like to having while at home during the holidays. Once the holidays start, you can then get the kids into the kitchen with you, to help you prepare the daily morning tea and afternoon snacks. By getting the kids involved in their snack making, you will be encouraging more healthier options, as opposed to pre packaged snacks. There is opportunity for your kids to try new foods and to get involved in the food decision making.

3. Have home acitivities prepared:
One of the benefits of school holidays means less driving around and less commitments right, which is great, but it also means a little more planning for activities to do at home. At the yummy mummy club, we have you covered. Here is a list of at-home acitivies you can pre-plan for, that your littles ones will love.

Activities at home:
• sensory play, such as making painting
• hold a cupcake decorating competition
• put on a movie marathon
• although it may require some cleaning up after, get the kids to put on a fashion show &
• kids love arts and craft, so why not put on a craft day for the kids to create their work and then to display it, like in a museum

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