School Holiday Ideas

School holiday are here. Although there always seems to be an adjustment period when school holidays start with the kids having new and different routines for the next couple of weeks, we love school holidays. We love school holidays because it means, we get a break from washing school uniforms, packing school lunches, we get to enjoy lazy mornings, and we do not have to follow a set routine. School holidays give us time to do things with our kids. The weather is cold so we have some fun, inexpensive school holiday ideas for you to plan with the kids. We hope these school holiday ideas will help you get the most out of these cold school holidays. Have fun!

Cooking Competition

We all love MasterChef right? So why not have your own kids MasterChef competition at home. We suggest keeping the meal options simple like homemade pizzas or rice paper rolls. Make sure you are supervising though. This MasterChef competition is great if there are a few kids. This activity is fun, yet inexpensive. But the best part, you do not have to make lunch!

Do A Bedroom Makeover

We know it can be tricky to keep our kids bedrooms in order, especially during the school term when things get a bit busy. Use this down time to sort, re arrange and re decorate your little one’s room, with their help! This gets their creative juices flowing, and you get help with sorting out their rooms. This activity is a win-win for sure. Oh, and it is free!

Try Something New

Take this time to get your kid to try something new, like crocheting or knitting. You will be surprised at how much they may actually enjoy something like this. There are local run classes, sometimes at the library, you can get grandma to five you and your kids a lesson, or you can jump onto youtube to get a quick lesson. This encourages creativity too. You could try making matching jumpers.

Get Your Kids To Help You In The Kitchen

Most kids love getting involved in the kitchen, but when the school term is here, time is usually a barrier. If your kids are especially younger, just give them simple tasks and make sure you always supervise. Getting your kids to make healthy desserts or snacks like fruit kebabs is a great way to get them busy in the kitchen.

Tell A Story

Get all the kids to write a joint story. One kid starts off the story, and then every other kids add a sentence, to follow on the story. This is a great activity to get the creative-thinking skills going, and is a great boredom-buster. You could make it more interesting by getting the kids to add illustrations and pictures to go with the story. Again this is a great activity to do at home when it’s cold.

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