Is Sugar Really that Bad for You?

Sugar, when consumed in its recommended amounts is not as bad for us as we may think it is. However, having even just a little more than the suggested amount,  can have detrimental effects on our health. For a long time now, sugar has been labelled the bad guy. Although we actually do need some sugar, as it is our bodies preferred fuel source, because as a nation we are eating way too much of it, it can poison to us, and it is killing us.

I just want to be clear here. In this article I am not referring to the natural sugar that is found in fruits and some dairy products. I am referring to “added sugars”.

It is recommended that an adult woman, without any health issues such as diabetes, should not consume more than 24 grams of added sugar a day. This equates to approximately 6 teaspoons. The average consumption at the moment, is way more than this. We are consuming 3 times the recommended amount.

There are links between consuming excessive amounts of added sugar and health implications such as cardiovascular and heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Of course there are a lot more issues, but we would be here for days discussing.

There is no need to avoid the naturally occurring sugar that we get in fruits and dairy products. In fact, they contain relatively small amounts of sugar, but because they are also filled with other, much needed essential vitamins and minerals, water and fibre, these foods are still okay, but also in recommended amounts. However too much of the added stuff does not offer the same benefits. So is sugar really that bad for us? The answer in a nutshell: Sugar is really that bad for us, when consumed in excess amounts.It is recommended to stick to the guidelines for consuming added sugar, for optimal health.

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