Leilah, VIC

LeilahBefore having my child I used to visit the gym between 4-6 times a week. After having my son I found it a lot harder to get there for various reasons. One of the main issues for me was fitting in a work out around his naps & feeding times.

Thankfully I stumbled across TYMC while out walking my dog.

TYMC has been a lifesaver for me, as exercise is an important part of my life. Luckily for me it is close to home, & the session options & times work in great for me & my family.

I’ve always been a member of a gym, but never part of a fitness group until the TYMC. It has been really nice working out with other women who are in a similar situation (we all have a passion for fitness & health, but understand the struggle to make the time or have the energy) so we spur each other on.

Other positives to being part of the TYMC are our trainer Tracey. There is the business side – she is a very experienced trainer. I love that never two work outs are the same. She is personable – she’ll comfort your unsettled child to allow you to carry on with your work out. She is also understanding & accommodating – I recently asked Tracey if she could survey the group to see if a session could be pushed out by half an hour. She listened, she asked, she changed the session.

I would highly recommend any mum to come & join TYMC as it’s not just about the fitness, & all fitness levels are welcomed & accommodated for.

Club: Heidelberg & Viewbank

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