Ash, VIC


Apparently, spring has blossomed the poet in me, so here comes another ditty on tymc!☺

The Yummy Mummy Club
Is the place where your shoulders rub
With a group of strong like-minded mothers
Where the focus is “you”, with no other care or bother
It’s for women of all age
Going through life’s different stages
Where everyday u learn about your body & grow
And flex muscles in places u didn’t know
With Tracey as your passionate trainer
It’s really a no brainer
She guides u, motivates u, makes u walk,run and even skip!
It’s one never-ending enjoyable exercise trip
Indoors or outdoors
U’ll get in touch w/ your pelvic floor
And learn to strengthen your core
Whether it’s Pilates, Bootcamp and meditation
I say this without any hesitation
Come rain, come shine
Now is the time
Be a member in-club or online
If you haven’t joined yet, you’re the missing one
So come get fit, feel fabulous while having fun!!

Club: Heidelberg & Viewbank

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