Rachael, VIC

Testimonials_RachealAs I had recently moved into the area, I felt isolated.  I have an ongoing back injury and had slowly been putting weight on over time.

I joined the Yummy Mummy Club to meet new people in the area, to start to take my life back and get out of the cycle of working full time, parenting and spending little else time on myself.   My back injury had also started to impact my ability to do everyday tasks and doctors had advised me to strengthen my core.

The Yummy Mummy Club has been nothing short of amazing for me.  I have lost 5 kilos so far, strengthened muscles that I didn’t know I had, which in turn have provided extra support for my back problem.  I have lost a dress size and have so much more energy and enthusiasm for life.  Tracey has been a great leader in providing all of the necessary instruction and guidance we need to improve ourselves.  The recipe and exercise book is used daily and my 2 girls love the recipes.

I never thought I would be one for meditation but now I really look forward to it.  Pilates classes and boot camp are great and Tracey helps to modify exercises to suit everybody’s  injuries, aliments and limitations.  There is no pressure to make it to every session as sometimes we just can’t and we set our own individual goals and work to meet them together.  The group is fabulous and we all have a good laugh and enjoy our time together.

I am looking forward to next term of The Yummy Mummy Club and can’t wait to start again.







Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss.
Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.

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