The Benefits of Weighing Yourself

Most of us own a scale, and every day when we walk into the bathroom, it is sitting there staring us the face, but we are too scared to jump on it, so we avoid it. We have been told that weighing ourselves regularly on a basic bathroom scale, offers no benefit. Although the number we see does not consider variables such as water levels and lean muscle levels, a recent study in the International Journal of Obesity has suggested that jumping on our bathroom scales can help with weight loss. It was found that the longer the participants put off weighing themselves, the more weight they gained.

Jumping on our bathroom scales regularly, can actually help us stay accountable for our weight loss or gain. The number on the scale, although certain variables are not considered for, is in fact factual information. If we start to put on weight, we will know as the number on the scale will rise, and weighing ourselves gives us a daily record of weight change, which can prompt us to make healthier. It is highly suggested that if you have or had a history of eating disorder, weighing yourself regularly may not be beneficial. Also, if you are trying to gain muscle, this will affect your scale figures. Your weight may go up, but it may be due to extra muscle.

Here at The Yummy Mummy Club, we think that weighing yourself once a week is enough to gain the benefits it can offer for weight loss. The scale can let us know what is going on with our bodies, it is a tool that can help lead us in the right direction. Weighing yourself everyday can become a chore and can actually have negative implications.

Our weight varies day to day, and it also various throughout the day, changing at different time of the day. This is one reason why we do not think it is necessary to weight yourself every day, and defiantly no need to weigh yourself more than once a day either. There are many reason for our weight to fluctuate; sodium and water fluid consumption, different types of foods we eat, and whether or not you have been to the bathroom yet.

So to get the benefits of weighing yourself regularly, here are are suggestions on how often to do so:
1. Weigh yourself once a week.
2. Weigh yourself the same time every week.
3. Make sure you are wearing the same clothes.
4. Use the same scale every time.

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