Tips to Fight Emotional Eating

It starts with something small like a handful of salted cashews, it then moves onto something a bit bigger like a peanut butter sandwich, and then all of a sudden that block of milk chocolate that was meant to be a treat is goneā€¦ the whole thins finished. Although it all tasted pretty good, you all of a sudden feel a bit ill from over eating, feel like you have lost control, but worse of all you, you feel like you have just sabotaging yourself.

It could be emotional eating. Something that is more common than you may realise. You do not have to binge eat until the entire fridge and all the cupboards are left empty, to experience emotional eating. Emotional eating can take place any time. It happens when you find yourself eating for any reasons other than being hungry.

Here are three tips to help you fight emotional eating:

1. The number one reason for over indulging and emotional eating is to remove ourselves from emotional comfort. When we eat, we give ourselves a sense a pleasure, we get a sense of satisfactions. Emotional eating helps us focus on attention on something different, as opposed to anything else that we may not like that is going on in our lives, such a work stress or family stress. Our first tip is to learn how to deal with your emotions as opposed to abandoning them. This way you are less likely to try cover them with over eating, and by actually dealing with them, you may break this cycle.

2. When we eat when we are not hungry, we could be emotionally eating. Usually if we eat when we are not hungry, the result can be weight gain. This can lead to negative feelings, which is common during emotional eating cycles. If we eat a balanced healthy diet with lots of variety, only when we need it, we can learn healthy habbits. As a result we are likely to feel better, and are less likely to over consume. We may even lose weight, and therefore can break the negative consequences associated with emotional eating.

3. If you ask anyone, there is a stage of the emotional eating that actually makes us feel good. It is this feeling that we keep searching for and aiming to find, when we emotionally eat. However, if you can give, and allow yourself to feel enjoyment and pleasure regularly, you will not need to emotionally eat to get the same feeling.

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