Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready for Back to School

As the school holidays come to an end, we need to prepare and get our kids ready to go back to school. It may have taken time for us mums to adjust to the school holidays, and now we have to adjust back to school. Where did the time go? Just like we suggested to plan ahead for the school holidays, we believe the same thing is essential, when getting ready to go back to school.

Here are some Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready for Back to School:

1. Your child may be feeling anxious or nervous about heading back to school. Take the time to remind your child that there will be other students who will be feeling uneasy about going back to school. They are not alone.

2. Get back into routine. Before the school term starts, start re-implementing and practicing your regular school day routines sooner rather than later. This includes bed times.

3. Pre-prepare as much as you can before the day 1 of the school term. This includes grocery shopping and organise any wardrobe needs. Is the washing up to date?

4. Clear any clutter
Check your kids study area and back packs – the chances are, their back packs haven’t been cleaned out from the last day of school, and during the holidays any study area most likely became a play area.

5. Celebrate the start of the new term
No kid wants the school holidays to end, so to help them see the school term more positively, celebrate the start of school. Either make a special back to school dinner or get the kids together with their friends for with a get-together. This will give your kids something to look forward to.

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Tammy Kacev
Nutrition Expert

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