Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Let’s face it, most of us are never really happy with the number we see on the scale. We become obsessed with trying to reduce this number. Who else is tempted to weight themselves every morning, hoping for a slower number? What we see may ruin the rest of our day because it was a number we didn’t want to see. This scale obsession is unhealthy and not necessary. Having a weight loss goal can be a great starting point for goal setting and goal reaching however that number you see on the scale does not tell you the whole story. Let me explain the difference between Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

We are made up of a number of elements, including body fat, bone mass, water and muscle mass. All these factors make up our body composition. All these factors affect our health and our body weight, as well as our overall health. A low weight is great, but a low weight can also suggest low muscle mass, which isn’t ideal.

  • There are a number of factors that affect our body composition:age
    gender &
    activity level (just to name a few)

Why a Healthy Body Composition Important for our Health
Some fat is necessary for overall health. It provides us with sufficient energy, protects our organs and regulates our hormones. However having too much fat; when overweight, leads to excess accumulation of fat, however, which is no longer beneficial for our health. The idea of body composition is that we fat loss is different to weight loss.

Aiming for a healthy body composition or an appropriate balance of lean muscle and body fat can promote good health. Having excess body fat is associated with an increased risk to cardiovascular disease, and other related conditions such as elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Having low amounts of fat can be good (if in normal ranges) but having an overall low fat weight figure with low muscle mass is not favoured. Remember there is a different between low fat and low weight. Having an increased weight figure it with proportional amounts of muscle and fat is ideal.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.

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