Workout Supplements

The most popular supplement used for working out that we are familiar with is protein. We know that consuming protein supplements post workout can have great benefits for our muscle growth and recovery, and we are also now aware that consuming protein supplements pre workout can be beneficial for us too.

We all go to the gym with different goals. But whether you are wanting to lose weight, gain muscles, or just get fitter, proper supplementation will help. Of course we need to have a healthy and balanced diet, but when diet alone cannot get us over the line, supplements, when used appropriately. Besides helping to build strength and help with weight loss, some supplements can may help increase energy and enhance mood, amongst other benefits too.

Some Essential Supplements:
• Whey Protein
• Creatine
• Omega-3 Fish Oil &
• Brached Chain Amino Acids

Whey Protein
Whey Protein is a fast-digesting protein that, when consumed either 30 minutes prior to a workout, or within 2 hour post workout, enhances protein synthesis, muscle growth, muscle repair and muscle recovery.

Creatine gives our bodies energy. Regular use of creatine leads to improved performance at the gym, which results in more lean muscle and improved strength.

Fish Oil
Although research may suggest that fish oils are not beneficial for fighting against heart disease, fish oils are great for reducing inflammation, which is common post exercise.

Branched chain amino acids some of the essential amino acids that make up protein. BCAAs help prevent muscle loss, and also help with muscle recovery post exercise.

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