The Yummy Mummy Mindset

Post baby bodies are different, and for a lot of us, hard to accept. But the scars or stretch marks represent the beauty of bringing life into this world.

Mum’s you are not alone here and the loose skin is nothing to be ashamed of!

Let us make childbirth, and everything that comes with it, including the stretch marks, an occasion when we appreciate our bodies for what they achieve, both during and after childbirth #LoveMyMomBod

Being a Yummy Mummy is a mindset. It’s about embracing who you are. Of course it is important to be healthy and well, to eat properly and stay active. But the way you look doesn’t define how great you are!

Being a mum today comes with high expectations. We are pulled in so many directions and expected to succeed in every aspect of our careers, families and how we look. We sacrifice ourselves for everyone else and everything else, but the truth is that when we don’t take time to take care for ourselves everything and everyone else around us suffers.

To be honest, for a lot the biggest struggle is not recovering from childbirth, but, is  and the way we view and feel about ourselves.

Because, the idea to be thin, healthy, strong is all we ever see, hear and read about!

Here at The Yummy Mummy Club, it’s time to #LoveMyMomBod and change your mindset! Become a Yummy Mummy and place priority on yourself, your needs, your health and your happiness so you have MORE to give to the one’s you love the most.

3 simple ways to change your mindset and be on your way to becoming a yummy mummy.

1. Ignore magazines. Don’t compare yourself to what you see in magazines or the internet. Especially with celebrity mums. They have help – lots of help, usually without having to deal with other stresses such as work and chores.

2. Give yourself time out. Even if it is only for one hour in the entire week! Take time out for yourself. Recharging your batteries by doing something for yourself like having a long bath, will rejuvenate you, help you get refocused, and feel better about yourself.

3. Involve your little ones. Staying fit and healthy is of course, part of being a Yummy Mummy but you can do so by involving the kids. Not only will you feel like a yummy mummy again, it is a chance to educate your children on the importance of movement, eating healthy and having a healthy mindset. If you enjoy healthy foods, exercise and have a healthy mindset, then they too will follow in your footsteps.

For you, being a yummy mummy should be about doing things that make you feel yummy, because when you feel good you look good, and if you feel good, you are happy, and so too will the rest of your family!
Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.