Club Etiquette

The Yummy Mummy Club is a ‘Classy’ association and believes all our members are too. To make sure you feel comfortable and stay ‘Classy’ in our eyes please abide to the rules of our Club Etiquette.

Members only club

Only members may have access to the online platform. You are not allowed to share your online access any other individual.

During fitness sessions, there may be instances where casual entry is allowed for other mothers to trial sessions, whereby individuals identify details and contact information are captured for our records.

Changes to your health

Members must conduct themselves in a manner which will not cause harm or discomfort to themselves or other members.

Members must advise their trainer if they are injured or there is any change in their health that may impact their ability to continue training.

Bring some things

Members are encouraged to bring along with them the following items to each fitness session.

  • Water
  • Towel

When training outdoors members are encourage to wear a hat and sunscreen

Members are encouraged to bring along their own mat and gloves to sessions that require these items.

Appropriate behaviour

Members and staff must conduct themselves with appropriate decorum while attending fitness sessions and treat others with respect at all times. Foul language and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Members are asked to respect the privacy of other members and refrain from using the camera on their mobile phone or any other recording device whist at the club.


Members are asked to dress appropriately for their workouts and wear suitable training shoes at all times while training unless the fitness session requires no shoes.


  • Members must immediately report any breakage or damage to equipment to the trainer.

Members are asked to treat the equipment with care.

Lost property

If any items are left at a fitness session will posted on the private facebook group and can be claimed from the next fitness session.

Fitness sessions

Members attending fitness sessions are encouraged to arrive five minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time of the class to ensure that they have time to set up their equipment.

Members must complete both warm up and cool down phases of fitness sessions, for both your own safety, members who arrive late may be prevented from participating in a class if they do not have sufficient time to warm up.

Members may need to book in for certain fitness sessions, please refer to the fitness timetable for more information.

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