Reasons To Exercise During Pregnancy

We all know the benefits of exercising. It controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases and improves our moods. During pregnancy, there are even more reasons to keep moving. Not only will is it important for your own well-being, your baby will start reaping the benefits too, while still in utero.

Exercising during pregnancy will reduce the risk of pregnancy related complications.

High blood sugar levels can be detrimental to anyone else. But during pregnancy, high blood sugar levels increases the risk of developing gestational and/or type II diabetes which can increase the chance of preterm delivery and having an overweight baby. When you exercise, your muscles become more sensitive to the insulin circulating in your blood stream. This allows you to absorb more glucose from the blood, helping you stabilise your blood glucose levels. Exercise therefore can help prevent or reduce the severity of high blood glucose and insulin complications during pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy can boost your energy.

Pregnancy can affect your energy, making you feel tired and fatigued. Regular exercise is known to boost your energy. This is true during pregnancy too! Exercise strengthens our cardiovascular systems. With a more efficient cardiovascular system, we use less effort to engage in activity, whether its high intensity exercise, or our everyday chores such as grocery shopping. Exercising during pregnancy can therefore boost your energy.

Exercising during pregnancy can reduce stress.

Becoming a parent is an exciting time for everyone involved. It is a life-changing, momentous experience that brings you happiness. But becoming a parent, especially a first time parent, can leave you feeling simultaneously, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Exercise boosts our levels of serotonin; the brain chemical hormone, linked to our mood. Exercising during pregnancy can therefore make you feel less anxious during times of stress, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy.

Disclaimer* Before you exercise, make sure you see your doctor.


Tammy Kacev
Nutrition Expert

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