Summer Bodies Are Made Now

We all know that starting a new eating plan or exercise regime can be daunting, but it still seems to be the number one focus when summer get here. We have all said that this summer is the time we want to be fitter and healthier. However, most of us stay motivated for just a few weeks and for whatever reason, seem to lose interest and motivation very quickly. Remember, because Summer Bodies Are Made Now. So our suggestion is to forget about the end of the year for now, and start working on your goals today. Below, we discuss our top two reasons to get motivated and make changes today.

Summer Bodies Are Made Now

  1. 1.Create your healthy habits in the cold season, rather than starting new habits in the summer holidays.

Instead of waiting for the summer holiday season to create new healthy habits, rather start your new healthy habits in the colder season. The holiday season of us means summer. Summer means BBQ’s and night outs, which means food and alcohol. Holiday season is usually a time of over indulgence, especially with Christmas! By starting your new exercise routine now, you will face the initial challenges now of getting started, so by the time summer comes, your new healthy habits will be habit, rather than a constant focus.

2. Your health and fitness should be a priority now and always, not just in summer.

We think health and fitness should be at the top of your to do lists! Why place your fitness goals on the back burner for another 3 months? If you make health and fitness a priority now, it will not be viewed as a new year’s resolution… which we all know, no—one keeps! So to make it a long lasting priority, start now. There is no better time to start. We will always find reasons why we should wait. Do not let the little things get in your way.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult with your health care processional before beginning any diet or exercise regime.

Tammy Kacev

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