The Role of a Trainer

Trainers possess great knowledge and skills to design safe and effective fitness and workout programs for a range of clientele. Trainers help instruct and assist their clients to reach their health and fitness goals.

Trainers are recognised as having an active part in their clients goal setting and achieving. Unfortunately there are a lot of distorted views about what a trainer can and cannot do.

We all know at least one trainer… right? We know that to be a successful trainer you need to Passionate about what you do, be caring and be able to coach effectively. The size of your trainer’s pecs do not determine how great they are. Although, in the health and fitness industry, outward appearance is important. You are not going to want to be trainer by a trainer who doesn’t practice what they preach… right?

To be a successful trainer, trainers should have adequate knowledge of the human body and anatomy. It would be assumed that trainers also understand the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition and exercise science. Trainers can create and tailor fitness programs to meet the needs of their clients, in a safe and effective way.

What trainers can do:

  • Encourage your clients to eat enough lean proteins and get a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables
  • Educate your clients about the benefits of each macronutrient offers: for example consuming enough protein can help you maintain and build lean muscle
  • Share with your clients recipes and ideas on food prepping
  • Educate your clients about what good nutrition and help them choose the right foods to eat before and after workouts
  • Assess and screen cliental to create appropriate exercise programs

While trainers often assume multiple roles with their clients, there are some responsibilities that trainers should avoid.
Bad Personal Trainer

What trainers Should NOT Do:

  • Give medical advice to make a medical diagnosis
  • Offer psychological support to clients
  • Push personal preferences for fitness goals onto
  • Prescribe specific diets or supplements to treat any medical and/or clinical issues

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