The Top 3 Excuses Used To Get Out Of Exercising!

As human beings, we are generally lazy. We tend to do only as much as we absolutely need to…and that is it! We are evolutionary wired to this way.

In this light, our fitness excuses make total sense. Our brain comes up with ideas to stop us from burning off our precious calories. But unfortunately, due to our excessive intake of highly calorific foods, our fitness excuses may be sending us to an early grave.

Here are 3 of the most common excuses used to get out of exercising!

“I don’t have enough time”

This is probably the number excuse of them all. What if I asked you to add up all the time you spend sitting on the couch in front of the TV, or on your phone scrolling through Facebook in a week? Could a fraction of that be replaced with a workout?

Did you know that a 30 minute workout is only 2% of your entire day?

“I am too tired”

This is probably the second most used excuse. It is important to realise that you may not  always have tones of energy, or the same amount of energy every time you workout. It doesn’t matter! You don’t have to do a long distance and high intensity session every time. The main thing that counts is showing up and giving something a shot. If you find that you are too tired to workout, everyday, maybe you need change your sleeping habits, not your workout habits!

“Exercising makes me hungry”

Generally when we burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, you will feel hungry. Of course, depending on how intense and long our workout is, some of us will experience hunger more than others. But if your concern is that being hungry will interfere with your workout, there are ways to avoid this. Eating something small and high in protein an hour before your session like a 100g of Greek yoghurt, and staying properly hydrated, can help reduce the hunger you feel during exercise. Don’t confuse this feeling of being hungry with being thirsty. More often than not, we think we are hungry when we just need some water. And remember, over time, the hunger
you feel, will pass as your body will learn to adapts to the loss of calories.


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