What to Expect When you are Expecting

When you announce you are thinking about having a baby, everyone around you, your friends and family, come out of the woodwork to oooh you and ahhh you! For all that everyone has to say about motherhood, there is definitely a lot of things they are not saying. No-one likes to talk about the lack of sleep you will have for the rest of your life, or mention the swollen ankles and haemorrhoids… right?

Here are just four more things they don’t tell you when you are thinking of having a baby:

It can be hard to even get pregnant.

Although for some, they may fall pregnant the first time they have unprotected sex, the reality is, for others it can actually take months, even years, to conceive and fall pregnant. This can be a super tough time for the parents to be. An issue most choose not to discuss with family and friends.

It can be hard to stay pregnant

Once you have finally conceived, after months or trying to fall pregnant! It can be difficult to stay pregnant. This is a devastating experience, and of again, an issue most choose not to discuss with family and friends. miscarriage is  very common, in fact some may not even realise they were pregnant and have a miscarriage.

Pregnancy is long and messy

Once you get pregnant and are carrying quite well, you sit there and waiting for that glow, for the best time of your life… right?

Well, not surprisingly, but making a human baby inside of your own body, will have a huge toll on your body. Things start to feel different, body parts change, and everything hurts. Of course carrying human being that you created is the most unbelievable feeling in the world. It is okay to acknowledge it can be a long and messy journey. So mum’s to be, be prepared to be uncomfortable. Morning sickness is almost un-preventable, and you will be cranky and experience some weird cravings. And to all your partners, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

By the end, most women can’t wait for it to be over. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, sick, and cranky. Partners, be prepared to be more supportive (and thick skinned) than you’ve ever been before.

You newborn will be just as messy.

We all say it when we see a new born. “Wow they are so beautiful” or “He looks just like you… or “The hard part is over now”

We all know it, infants and newborns are usually covered in something gooey, and perhaps have bruises or have marks on their bodies when they are born, and this is all normal. But what we never see in the movies, is that when a baby is just born, it’s messy. We may want them to look perfect, and like to pretend like they are, but they are definitely not. But not worry, they start to look human like soon after this stage!

Babies are tiny compared to us grown up adults. But any new parent would know, they are messy… even after they are home with us from the hospital! Boy, can they can poop and puke, making things extremely messy… everywhere.